1. Day 03: My View on Drugs and Alcohol

    Drugs and alcohol aren’t really a big part of my life right now. I suppose I can see myself introducing alcohol into my life in the future, and maybe weed. But I feel like weed needs to be legalized before I buy it (wherever that may be). It causes way too many issues economically and politically (in other countries, especially). I don’t know why but every time I think about that I can’t help but wonder who I’m affecting or where my money is really going.
    I think harder drugs aren’t really my thing. I’m just scared of getting addicted and being dependent on something like that. I’ve read and seen too many things happen for me to still be completely naive about what I would be getting myself into. I don’t judge other people that do things like this though, I just feel like my own time would be spent better elsewhere.

    Is that fair? I thought I would have much more to say on this topic but I guess I don’t. I respect others’ choices and wouldn’t look at them differently, I just am scared of losing control over my own life, and I don’t like depending on things if I don’t have to. Especially things which can only screw me over in the end. It just isn’t a really good place to be. 


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